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The Best WordPress Event Registration plugins.

As many people are using the Internet so it is very actual to create online events and people may know where and when it will be held.

In the meantime site owners can sell tickets from the Internet. Imagine that a well-known Engineer will come to a New York and for example someone from France would like to go to that conference too. So he/she will know about it from your site with the help of event registration and even can book a ticket.

It is really amazing and your tickets will be sold and many people will know about your site.

One of the easiest ways of having event registration on your WordPress website is to install event registration plugins.

As there are many plugins on the market but not all of them are good here I will introduce you to some of them. Then will show their advantages and the main features which will help you to choose the great plugin which will not harm your site’s traffic.


  1. Registration for the event calendar

The Registration for the Event calendar is one of the famous event registration plugins which has more than 2.000.000 installation. This plugin is not free and it has 3 pro versions.

  • $69 for a year 1 site supported and updated
  • $99 for 2websites 1 year for support and updates and $70 for 3 years support and update
  • $ 249 for 10 site supports and updates

The main advantages are:

  • It is fully customizable
  • You can easily communicate with your guest and it has a beautiful template for bu the help of which you can create an HTML personalized emails
  • You will get a notification emails when a guest registers
  • Send out automatic emails on a schedule
  • The option of verification of unknown users
  • Your every event can be controlled individually
  • Guests can choose from multiple venues or locations, or even multiple tiers or statuses
  • Drop-down, checkbox, radio, and paragraph fields
  • Search registrations by name, phone, or email
  • You can add as many texts as you like

Find some screenshots here.

2.Events Manager


Another event registration plugin is the Event manager which allows you to provide and manage event registration for any type of event.  You can capture contact information or any other kind of information you want, and it’s automatically placed into an events database.

One of the most important features is that it is free and many are reachable for many people.

This is very easy to use plugin and it is very easy to create and manage your events. When you have created your events you can go to the event management screen where you can see a list of all your events.

The main features are:

  • The registration is very easy
  • Multiple ticket and multisite support
  • The option of locations and calendars and Widgets for Events
  • Documentation and excellent support
  • You can use Plenty of template tags and shortcodes on your posts and pages
  • You can create events for different time zones
  • SEO friendly
  • You can add Google calendar plugin too
  • PayPal, and Offline Payments
  • It has a Custom booking email per event and gateway option

Here find screenshots.

3.Event Calendar WD-Responsive Event Calendar plugin

This plugin is a responsive WordPress Event planner plugin which has more than 1.000.000 installers. It is really great and easy to use, drop and down plugin.

The Event Calendar WD helps you to manage and publish unlimited event calendars on your site.

It is a unique plugin which will help you to create an event promotion website or add and manage events to your existing WordPress blog.

Every calendar is created as a custom post or taxonomy, which enables you to display the calendars among the standard post listings, such as related or latest posts.

The main features are:

  • It has a straight-forward admin panel, where you can create and manage your events, add new themes, and customize your calendars.
  • The option to add an unlimited number of event and calendars on your website
  • It is SEO friendly
  • And also you can add a social sharing buttons option on the calendar, and spread a word about your events across the major social platforms
  • You can sell event tickets from your website
  • Distinct appearance
  • It is very customizable and you can fully personalize your calendars and give them a distinct look.
  • It has a great supporting system too
  • This plugin is fully responsive and designed to provide flawless calendar display across various devices and screen sizes
  • The event numbers are not limited it means that you can add as many events as you want
  • The Google map is integrated into this plugin and you can display event locations
  • It is free but also has a premium version and the advantages are:5  beautiful customizable themes, 14 add-ons to expand default functionality, 3 premium views: Posterboard, 4-days and Map and Recurring events

Also look screenshots.

4.WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is the next amazing lightweight, scalable and full-featured event management plugin.

It has 2 versions free and pro.

The free version features are:

  • The WP Event Manager is fully responsive
  • It has a cross-browser support such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.
  • The shortcodes can assist you to have a searchable & filterable ajax powered event listings added to your pages
  • It has a multilingual translation which means that there is no need to install a translation plugin
  • You can use the familiar WordPress UI and add, manage  and categories event listings
  • This plugin Allows event listers to preview their listing before it goes live. The preview matches the appearance of a live event listing.
  • Your events even can be localized
  • The documentation and tutorials are much
  • The option of RSS Feeds
  • Widgets for Recents, Upcomming, Featured Events

The features of pro version are:

  • Event Alerts
  • Woocommerce Sell tickets
  • The integration of Google map
  • The contact form option will help you to contact to an organizer
  • The default functions of Google analytics which will help you tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics reports at your Google analytics account.

Also you can see some screenshots here.


5.Events Made Easy

    The Events Made Easy plugin is easy to use and quickly installed plugin which will help you to add event registration form on your WordPress site.

With Events Made Easy, you can plan and publish your event, or let people reserve spaces for your weekly meetings.

The main advantages are:

  • It has an RSVP form
  • The RSVP form has some custom and dynamic fields: public, private, draft, and recurring events
  • RSS and ICAL feeds
  • The well-known payment systems are integrated here such as Paypal, FirstData, 2CheckOut, Mollie, Worldpay, Sagepay, Stripe, Braintree, Paymil
  • It is fully localizable and partially localized in Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, French and Dutch
  • Google Map Integration
  • RSS and ICAL feeds
  • The option to registered people and automatically send reminders for payments

Here are several screenshots.

6.My calendar

My Calendar is a WordPress event registration plugin which has more than 1.00000 active installers. It has a free and premium version.

These calendars can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as by event locations, specific categories, or author.

It is easy to use and easy install plugin which has amazing features:

  • It has a Widgets: today’s events, upcoming events, compact calendar, event search
  • The filter of categories, location, author, or host
  • Custom templates for event output
  • The administrator will get an email notification when events are scheduled or reserved
  • When you create posts your posts can automatically add on your twitter
  • It is multi-site friendly
  • Fetch events from a remote database.
  • The administrator will get an email notification when events are scheduled or reserved
  • The victors of your site can add events
  • The logged in users can edit their events from the front end
  • The advanced search option is available here too
  • It is fully customizable and fully responsive
  • You can also Import events from .ics or .csv formats via file or URL.

The screenshots find here.