Terms and Conditions

1. WPLifecare provides online services that customers pay for.
2. Pricing
2.1 Pricing changes
2.1.1 WP Lifecare reserves the right to change the service prices at any time, though the customers should be served with the price they have been formerly subscribed to the service. After the current subscription is fulfilled, the new service will be provided with the new price.
2.2 Payment method
2.2.1 The customes who take subscription plans are supposed to pay via:
• Credit card
• PayPal
3. Subscription
3.1 There are two subscription plans provided: annually and monthly. Additionally, customers have the option to try one-pay job for single task.
4. Refunds policy
4.1 WPLifecare provides refunds in case when the job isn’t done within the formerly estimated deadline
4.2 WPLifecare provides refunds in case when the customer announces his/her dissatisfaction with the services provided not less than within 30 days.
5. Users/Customers
5.1 Access termination
5.1.1 WPLifecare reserves the right to terminate the access of the users who breach the intellectual property rights.
5.1.2 Users/customers have the right to bring their complaints on the service implementation and get their refunds within the first month of subscription

*For any material changes to the Terms of Service, the customers will be notified in advance.