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Best WordPress Translation plugins in 2018

As it is not a secret that WordPress is widely spread CMS for creating websites and in fact many people in different countries are using it.

So let’s imagine that you are living in one of an Asian country and you have, for example Booking WordPress website and someone enters and he/she doesn’t speak English but your site is English. So what should he/she do? Nothing!

In fact, you will lose your client which I think is the best thing for you.

Or such situation: You are living in the Maldives and some African want to book a hotel for his family but he is not speaking either your language or English. How will he book a hotel?

As a matter of fact, it is very important to have a multilingual site.


  • You will not lose any client
  • Your site’s traffic will be great and it will be on the first page of Google which will give you many advantages and also many people will enter and you will get as much money as you want
  • And one of the important things of having a multilingual site is when someone enters and see that your site is multilingual he will think that your services are qualified
  • And the last thing I think is that you will get pleasure from having a high standard web site

So and considering all these circumstances I will help you to know much more about how you can have an international and multilingual website.

Let’s start!

As an introduction let me inform you that if you have a WordPress website and there is already installed a plugin so you can see if that plugin is translation ready. As there are many plugins which are translation ready and there is no need to install another one for translation.

If your plugin default has a translation option so it is great if not read this article.


  1. Polylang

Polylang is one of the most famous WordPress multilingual plugin which allows you to translate your site in many languages and it is compatible with major SEO plugins including Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. The plugin takes care of multilingual SEO like HTML hreflang tags and open graph tags. With Polylang, you can choose one directory, one subdomain or one domain per language.

In the meantime, it will translate your posts, articles, pages etc.

The main advantages of the Polylang are:

  • It has different language and you can use as many languages as you want
  • The WordPress languages packs are automatically downloaded and updated.
  • RTL (right to left languages.Such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu etc.) language scripts are also available here
  • posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widget are also translatable
  • you can use separate domes for different language and the language can be set up by the content or by the language code in URL
  • when you add some new post and page translation categories, post tags, as well as some other metas, are automatically copied
  • RSS feeds, Custom post types, sticky posts and post formats, custom taxonomies and all default WordPress widgets are supported
  • The integration of translation management system are also available here which enables you to access a pool of professional translators and supervise their work
  • Easy to use and install
  • Very fast plugin and does not decrease your site’s traffic
  • In fact, it has 4.248.029 users

But one of the main disadvantages of this post is that the support is only offering on the pro version so the free version does not have a support.


How to use this?

Enter their official website (, install the plugin then hen heading into Settings > Languages within the dashboard, then choose the Choose language option, select your preferred language.  Now click on add new language and your choice will appear under your default language on the table to the right of the screen, then go one of your posts and enter the editor, add a new translation and you will find a new Languages widget at the right of the WordPress editor and that’s all.

Here find some screenshots of the Polylang.

2. Multilingual Press

This is the next amazing plugin lets you run each language in a separate site. This supports 174 languages and generates SEO-friendly URLs and offers automatic hreflang support.

The Multilingual Press runs each language in a separate site and connects the content in a lightweight user interface. Use a customizable widget
to link to all sites.

Besides its free version, it also has a paid version which is $75 which includes support for custom post types, automatic language redirects, quick-links and more making it easier to translate WordPress posts, pages, and even WooCommerce products.

The main features are:

  • In fact, it has an SEO friendly URLs and permalinks
  • You can add language links to WP Nav Menus
  • It has an option which gives you an opportunity to use top-level domains for your language sites, like .com or for English, .fr for French, .pt for Portuguese, .es for Spain, .de for German
  • Each user can choose his/her preferred language for the user interface
    without affecting the output of the front-end.
  • The quicklinks option is also available here
  • The option to change relationships between translations or connect existing posts
  • Synchronized trash option which moves all connected posts to trash with one click
  • When your sites will be deactivated all your sites will work
  • The option of duplication which means that you can use one site as a template and copy everything: pots, attachments, settings for plugins
    and themes, navigation menus, categories, tags and custom taxonomies on your new site
  • It has a supporting system but it is for a pro version so free version doesn’t contain support

Find some screenshots here.


Another great WordPress translation plugin is GTranslate. This plugin uses Google Translate automatic translation service to translate WordPress site with Google power and your site will be multilingual.

103 languages are available in this plugin. It has a free and paid version. The Paid version is SEO friendly which will increase your internet traffic and sales.
The advantages are:

  • Google automatic translation is available here
  • It also hides Google top frame after translation and “Suggest better translation” pop-up
  • It has page, posts, categories, tags, widgets, menus,  plugins and themes translation option
  • Language bar with flags in the menu, floating language selector too
  • RTL language support
  • Alternative flags for Quebec, Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia
  • The interface is multilingual as well
  • You can also increase your sites traffic and AdSense revenue
  • In the paid version, you can get a live support
  • Image localization
  • The supporting system is also multilingual as you will not have any difficulty

Find some screenshots here.


4.Loco Translate

It is famous and a great plugin which has over 500,000 active installs which will help you to translate your WordPress themes and plugin directly on your browser.

The Loco Translate also provides localization tools for developers, such as extracting strings and generating templates.

The main features are:

  • You can create update language files directly in your plugin
  • Has a native MO file complication
  • The support of  PO features  such as comments, references and plural forms
  • It is easy to use and install
  • Excellent for developers
  • Configurable PO file backups with diff and restore capability
  • It has an option which integrates Loco API for cloud storage and collaboration
  • This plugin has an automatic translation service too

Here you can see some screenshots of this plugin.


   WPML is also a preferable plugin which has more than 2 million installations. It is a paid and premium multilingual plugin that allows you to translate your posts, pages, and custom post types. It’s advised to make a full back up of your site before installing it on your website.

Unlike other plugins, this one is compatible with WordPress themes and plugins and there is no need to patch your themes or plugins to make WPML work.

It has 3 premium planes:

  • $29 economic solution for your WordPress site
  • $79 Multilingual CMS
  • $195 Multilingual CMS Lifetime

The main advantages of WPML are:

  • Multilingual blog and CMS version is available
  • The translation is very professional
  • You can even get personal live translations
  • 60 languages are available in this plugin
  • It is computable with WordPress themes and plugins
  • You can use different language contents in the same domain, in the subdomains or in a completely different domain
  • The 3.2 version has an Alternative translation service such as Cloudwords
  • It sends notification emails, provides a translation management screen, a jobs-queue and side-by-side translation editor
  • By the help of this plugin, you can translate everything on your site: posts, articles, advertisements etc.
  • Has a standard translation control
  • At the same time, you can manage your attachments in different languages
  • The option of multi-user translation is also available here
  • XLIFF interface
  • The WPML takes care of all multilingual SEO and works seamlessly with popular SEO plugins. You can use as many languages as you like with WPML.
  • It is one of the oldest plugins so it is reliable and it will help you to translate your WordPress sites and blogs

How to install it?

Download the plugin then, choose your preferred language, add a language selector and confirm it.

Find screenshots here.