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5 awesome project management tools: Get your projects to the point

In this article, I will introduce you 5 project management tools that you will need to get your project to the point. They are as follows:

  • Asana
  • Jira
  • Trello
  • GitHub
  • Basecamp

So at first let’s understand what is project management tool.

Project management tools are means to assist an individual or team to effectively organize work and manage projects and tasks. Project management tool has to provide some basic features :

  • Planning/scheduling
  • Collaboration
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation


Asana is the most widely spread project management tool. It was founded in 2008 and now many companies such as Airbnb, Deloitte, NASA, Allstate, USAID, RedBull etc. use it as main project management tool. It should be mentioned that Asana has over 1.4 million users.

Asana allows teams to share, plan, organize, and track the progress of the tasks that each member works on. It is free for the teams who are not up to 30 members.

Asana is very simple to use. You just need to install it and your team has the same email address structure. As it is an agile project management platform it allows us to manage projects and tasks easily.

Each team can create its own workplace and put tasks there. You can make a note about each task, write comments, tag someone and also attach files or add labels.  This tool can be used as for the small processes and for the giant ones without any limits in the industries or departments.

Here are some features that you should know about Asana:

  1. You can write comments about each task
  2. Attach task to someone and tag another one for following the task
  3. Asana’s inbox feature puts the tasks that matter so you can stop searching for what’s important.
  4. You set date due for each task and also switch on the loop for constantly repeating tasks.
  5. It has calendar function so you can make a task for some days


Jira is the next well-known project management system. It allows the user to fix bugs, make tasks etc. The JIRA dashboard has many useful functions & features which help you handle different issues easily. Some of the key features and issues: issue types, workflow’s, screens, fields, issue attributes.

There are some features that Jira has:

  • Plan
  • Prioritize and discuss your team’s work
  • Set start date and end date
  • Choose a workflow, or make your own
  • Tools integration


Trello was founded in 2011.  It provides a straightforward project management system for organizing and monitoring projects at a glance.

You can use Trello for managing your tasks, for handling team workflow, for managing your development schedule, for organizing upcoming projects,  for keeping an eye on a content marketing campaign etc.

Trello has some features:

  • Simple to us
  • Add workplace
  • Categorize your tasks ( to do, in progress, done)
  • You can add descriptions, attachments, subtasks or checklists, due dates and times, assignees, and labels
  • You can upload images and files from your device, or from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive. And with a simple click-and-drag, cards can be moved from one list to another.
  • You can integrate Trello in Slack, Github, and Intercom straight to your cards. You can even connect Hub staff to keep track of the time your team spends working on specific cards.


Github is another project management system but it has an advantage as developers know it it is very simple for them to use. So choosing GitHub you will save your time and money.

As other project management systems GitHub also has useful features. Here are they for your kind review:

  • It has built-in tagging system which means that you can easily organize and prioritize your workflow and easily search through projects for relevant information.
  • Millstone is the next advantage of GitHub so you can easily create tasks assign it to someone and set a deadline.
  • Multi assignment helps you assign the tasks to different developers meanwhile.
  • Commenting can boost discussion about each task
  • It gives you the option to split a larger task into small tasks
  • The ability to use markdown formatting will prove popular with your developers, and it can be used in most places around GitHub.
  • Project boards can help you pull requests and notes, categorizing them as cards in columns if you’re choosing so you can look at larger projects as a whole.
  • Integration is the next advantage you can integrate GitHub with Slack, ZenHub, Everhour, HuBoard etc.

Many famous companies such as  MailChimp, SAP, Braintree, Hootsuite, The Trainline, HubSpot, the DLR Institute of Robotics and even NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CoverMyMeds etc are using GitHub for managing their projects.


Basecamp was founded in 2004 and now 150.000 companies are using it. It is a web-based software, allowing users to sign in anywhere, anytime, either through a web browser or through apps compatible with a large number of mobile devices.

Now let’s enumerate its features:

  • If you are included in a message’s recipients list, you will receive a notification email each time someone posts to that message thread. To reply, you can simply reply to the email and it will be added to the message thread automatically alerting the other message recipients. You can even include attachments on the email and these will be added to the project files.
  • When you create a task you can put it in on dos and add due dates.
  • Millstone is very important as it reminds the developer that he/she will finish it in for example 2 hours.
  • You can use Writeboards for documentation and specifications
  • It has a file section which helps you to store all project files such as wireframes, visuals, images and supplied text documents etc.
  • It has a search function which will help the manager to find the task and will help the developer to find his/her task quickly without spending much time

Taking into consideration all mentioned and explained above, one can see that it is very important to choose exact project management tool which can indeed contribute to project building process.